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Back Country Native is the Sportsmen's Brand. BCN brings the outdoors to you through hunting apparel and fishing apparel.
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Back Country Native is the Sportsmen’s Brand. We specialize in bringing the culture of the great outdoors to you through community and threads. Walk under trees, not towers.

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BCN Backstrap Tee 250x300

BCN Backstrap Tee

BCN Ridgeline Trucker Orange 250x300

BCN Ridgeline Trucker (Orange)

HuntFit Lifestyle Tee 250x300

HuntFit Lifestyle Tee

BCN Ridgeline Trucker Sage 250x300

BCN Ridgeline Trucker (Sage)


a: grown, produced, or originating in a particular place or in the vicinity
b: living or growing naturally in a particular region.

Back Country Native is The Sportsmen’s Brand. Our outdoor lifestyle apparel and gear brings those of us who belong in the great outdoors, the freedom of expression. The Back Country Native brand brings to life your burning passion for the outdoor lifestyle that you have deep embedded in your heart and heritage.  It is dedicated to our Great Grandfather who spent his life in the back country.  Wesley Lake resided in a cougar-country cabin built by calluses of his own, no bigger than the size of a modern day spare bedroom.  He utilized the work week navigating the deepest back country by night to the mine where he crushed his blue-collar 40 by day.  “Home” was reached by crossing the Northern California Salmon River in a hair-raising pulley cart suspended 30 feet above deep Steelhead holes.  He was a true ambassador of hunting for survival and fishing for nutrition.  Further, his boot tracks laid the foundation for the generations to come, to be proud natives of the back country.  He was a Back Country Native. TO THE CORE.

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